Monday, November 9, 2009

Daddy shame

Layla laid a trip on Mike last night, the likes that I have never witnessed.

Both girls are sick. Sick enough that they did not go to daycare today and Mike and I had to split sick kid duty and each take a half day. Fevers are down now and the baby who only took one 15 minute nap is finally sleeping. Finally.

However, last night Layla woke up to the familiar warm trickle down her leg that leads to a half asleep linen change and wipe down. But last night she couldn't go right back to sleep due to the coughing. And since I did changing duty, Mike got snuggling duty.

And as he climbed into bed to snuggle this scared little kid, he is thanked with "Daddy, (eyes looking his boxer short minimal covering up and down) put your clothes on". "Get out of my bed and put your clothes on". Naturally making Mike feel like a dirty old man, and initiating frantic images of similar words overheard and misinterpreted outside our home.

These are the moments where having daycare that doesn't speak English is a blessing. Between this and her love of discussing her vagina could lead to some questions.

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