Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You're a bad boy, mama.

Sick kids suck. Two sick kids suck even worse. And while I knew that staying home with them yet another day would bring me a few more minutes of extra sleep this morning, that it wouldn't nearly make up for the torture that is caring for a sick toddler and infant.

Fortunately Dora lent a hand. And the Little Einsteins, and Bolt was even around for a bit. But it was a very long day of trying to stay on top of meds and doses to keep fevers down and trying to curb fantasizing about the kind of damage a sling shot full of peas could do to a grumpy ass two year old.

And in the midst of the insanity, while Layla was mad at me, she spun around to face me in a full pout and proclaimed "you're a bad boy, mama".

We're going to be working on gender here in the next few weeks.

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