Friday, November 6, 2009

Google is simply the worst invention ever.

Google. Someone made a butt load of money on this invention. And a good one, it is. For almost everything. Need a quick answer to cheat in trivia? Google. Need to find the name of an actor that you can't remember? Google. Need to find the words to a song because your friend can't seem to get them right? Google.

But Google can go wrong. Very, very, wrong. And it usually takes the turn when you attempt to search for any parenting related information.

Google car seat, and you'll hear all about internal decapitation.

Google vaccinations, and you'll be flooded with autism information.

And god forbid you type in any medical questions related to kids. A little bump on the eyelid quickly sends you to a page on skin cancer or rodent ulcers.

While Google is a wonderful tool for many things, it can also scare the shit out of you. So proceed with caution. And if you find out what the fuck a rodent ulcer is, go ahead and keep that one to yourself, please.

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