Monday, November 30, 2009

Layla speaks breast pump!

She does, she really does!

Any mom who has had her own little fling with an electric pump knows that those already annoying and irritatingly necessary fuckers intensify ones hatred of them by doing the unthinkable. Talking to you.

Mine has a handful of phrases that it likes to throw out while we're spending our quality time together. The most often heard is "look at the dog" said in a full Atlanta drawl straight out of a story from my childhood.

Waffle seems to be a popular group delusion, heard by many of my pumping friends.

And today the pump chose to pass on it's knowledge to my eldest. There she stood, nose inches from my nipple being tweaked and contorted into what Mike likes to refer to as the wild German porn show. And she gasped, stared wide eyed at me and said:

"What'd that say, mama"?

Curious, and not wanting to taint (heh, I said taint) what she thought she heard with sticking my own interpretation in, I pushed. "What, Layla. What did it say"?

And said with the hushed whisper of a child in awe, or conspiring to light their bed on fire, "Va-Room, mama. It said Va-Room"!

And so it did.

Screw bi-lingual. My kid is a freaking lingual genius.

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