Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We had a moment

Evie and I haven't spent much time together this week. Between me doing jury duty, and our decision to phase out the nooner nursing session, our time together has been very limited. What makes this even harder for both of us, is that it's coming off about 9 solid days together while she was down with the flu.

Needless to say, she's been a bit clingy the time that we are together. So there we were tonight, me nursing her in our bed so that she can wind down and go to sleep, but she was much more interested in just smiling at me.

Anyone who has had this deep connection and interaction with their baby knows how calming and yet unnerving it can be, both at the same time. There we were, staring into each other's eyes and she started stroking my cheek. Sweet, right? Very. Then she started sticking her hand in my mouth, waiting for me to bite down around her fingers so that she could start giggling. It's a simple game, and one that babies seem to be able to play endlessly for hours. And the longer it goes, the cuter it gets because the skill of anticipation kicks in, so the giggles start early, and the wind down or "giggle down" sounds more and more like an awkward adult finding themselves the only one laughing and coming to a slow halt.

So unnerving? Sure, it's a bit creepy how focused and frankly pushy those little suckers can be when they are demanding of your time. There are moments that I truly believe that Evie is literally trying to consume me. I have to pull out the defensive maneuvers when I see her coming at my face with her mouth wide open, ready to slobber and suck my entire face.

Yeah, babies are freaks. Cute freaks. Little freaks. Kinda like the puppy running around with 5 legs. Just something, er, NOT RIGHT.

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  1. Oh yes. I find it more unnerving because what was a sleeping baby is now a full board caffeinated-on-a-game baby. Not to mention having a death grip on your teeth pulling your jaw isn't too pleasant. The giggles are cute though so I give in.