Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day sucks

I spent today in a walk in clinic for a UTI. Holy mother of god those fuckers hurt, but hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up. Plus it got me out of parenting for many hours.

My sweet, angelic Evie is going to break her mama's heart. She is destined for the military, I just know it. First, because her ass is going to need to know how to protect herself because her sister fights dirty. And second, because she has the arm crawl down to a science. If she keeps this up, she is going to have big ass arm muscles, and itty bitty atrophied legs.

Due to her knew found sense of purposeful mobility, she has been sentenced to nap in the co-sleeper. It was heartbreaking putting her in there for the first time, but I soon figured out the trick to making it work. See, when Evie is upset or wakes up at night, she reaches out for either mine, or Mike's hair. So there I lay, with my head in the co-sleeper, letting her stroke my hair. And she slept in there for over 3 hours. Mike even said that when he went in there, she was awake and just chillin'.

So perhaps in 13 years or so, we'll have her transitioned into a bedroom with Layla. But probably in the same bed.


  1. Bennett did the same thing with my hair. I transitioned him to his own hair at some point and it is still a comfort measure for him and a great tell for when he is tired.

  2. That's a great idea, Linds! Now if she'll just grow some hair...

  3. Why do I always miss the luck on this stuff? Marcus is such a lazy mother...all he does is wake up and shout. He won't move. He won't open his eyes. He just shouts until I rub my nipple on his cheek. Lazy.