Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Evie

Oh little one, you are a strange creature. I was not prepared for you to be such an old soul.

I have never seen a baby so happy to just observe. And smile. She has no motivation to crawl, although she does like to stand, so she may not always be a lump. But watch, she does. Everything. Every little thing that anyone does, and that includes her sister. All the time. And that sucks, cause we all know that bad is contagious.

During dinner every night, she eats and watches. If Mike raises his voice to Layla, Evie will narrow her eyes and mean mug Mike, making grunting noises, until he looks over at her. At which point she will crank her neck to about 90 degrees and smile a big dumb smile at him. Or she'll throw her hands up in the air and try and get him to smile. Anything, any diversion that she can think of, because apparently she has Layla's back.

And that's unsettling.

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