Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is with this witch thing?

It's like my child slips out of this world and into an alternate reality when she is not with us. She must, because it's the only way that I can explain some of the shit that she comes up with. I KNOW it's not from daycare because a)they don't speak English and b)she doesn't speak while she's there. I have a hard time believing that it's from anything on TV since we really just watch political shows, the news, and sports. Well, that and her shows, but I can pretty much recite all of those, and nothing from there can account for some of the "crazy".

"That witch is mean. Like YOU, mama".

"I don't like mama, she's a bad wife".

I'm not so sure that I like this more complex thinking skill that seems to be emerging as development continues. I liked it better when she thought shit just disappeared when you covered it with a towel, and was amazed when you made it reappear by moving the towel again. Back when I could be a hero for unlodging her wedged foot stuck in some too tight space, instead of someone who needs to be compared to a mean witch.

And I'm about to have her tested if tells me that "you're a bad boy, mama" one more time.

Tested, or hung.


  1. Hi Drunkass! :) So I get the "Silly old mama boy" comment from this one. It's bad enough being called a boy, but throw in old, too.

  2. You're watching me, aren't you? Damn google maps, I KNEW they had a drunk detector on those cars. Come over and have some wine, k? Please? And bring Rie, cause I think she could bring some humanity to the spawn.