Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't sit on Tulah naked, you'll get hair in your vagina

Layla has a thing for hair. She hates it. Is afraid of it. Pretty much the exact opposite of Evie who loves to pull anyone and everyone's hair and laugh like a maniac while she does it.

When bath time is over, Mike usually lets her run around naked for a while before she gets lotioned and dressed. And on more than one occasion, she has straddled the dog, while naked, and we've had to do battle with the hair in her bagina. Now
, when I say battle here, I mean it's a full on war. Because as much as Layla hates hair, she hates people messing with her vagina. The times that she has sat on the dog, we've had to watch her whine and dig in her crotch, then cry and ask for help, push me away, dig again, cry, etc. until she finally lets me get the hair out.
There are a million things Mike or I have found ourselves saying since becoming parents that we could have never imagined uttering in a million years. And his "Layla, don't sit on Tulah naked, you'll get hair in your vagina" is probably right up there with the strangest.

Today while I was using the bathroom, Layla looked at me and frankly stated "mama, you have hair on your vagina". She then looked quizzically at the dog, back at me, and with a look of disgust, professed "aaahhggghhh", and walked away shaking her head.

Poor, little confused child.