Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honey, will you throw this in the dirty clothes?

Mike thinks it's a riot that when we tell Layla to go throw something in the dirty clothes, she chucks it right in front of the washing machine. The washing machine that fills much of our ONE tiny bathroom.

He only thinks it's funny because that's where he stacks his dirty clothes when he takes a shower, and cause he rarely does the laundry.

Apparently this phenomenon is similar to that of stacking the dishes on the counter 8 fucking inches from the empty dishwasher. Again, CLOSE, but not quite right.

I have racked my brain trying to find something comparable that I could intentionally do to Mike that would actually create more work for one of his chores, but I come up empty. The only thing remotely close is purposefully not double flushing when I leave skid marks or dirt floating in the toilet, cause I know it irks him. And that's just passive aggressive and sad. But I'm SO there.

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