Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to get your kid to sleep in their crib in 100,000 steps

I'm gutted right now. Evie is sleeping (napping) in her crib for the very first time ever.

I didn't start the day intending to begin the slow (yes, Mike. VERY slow) transition of Evie into her own bed. But after she had a hard time going to sleep when I nursed her in our bed, I decided to see what would happen. So Mike lowered the mattress as low as it would go, I packed the crib full of familiar stuff from our bed (yea, yea, babykiller. I know) and curled up on the floor inches from her. And we held hands through the baby jail bars.

Layla must have sensed that I needed her utmost cooperation, cause she was an absolute angel going down for her nap, in the same room, at the same time. And after about an hour and a half, Evie slept. And is still sleeping, in the room that we can officially say that she shares (okay, will share) with her sister.

Perhaps naps will be done in the crib now. I'm heartbroken that this is step one of my baby moving out of our bed at night. Stupid babies and their stupid growing up.


  1. I dislike them growing up too! You brought a tear to my eye. Nothing like wanting to go cuddle with my baby now, ehh ok I will tomorrow she was a handful today!

  2. I went through this myself about 3 months ago. It broke my heart but I love being able to go into my bedroom now without having to tip-toe!