Thursday, January 14, 2010

I couldn't make this one up

I have a few friends who I work with that we are able to joke around with about our lives. Being moms, wives, and sex. Somewhere in our session today I agreed to go to the "classy" sex shop with one of them.

In her rush of enthusiasm to get to the shop, she didn't properly warm up her car and clear her windshield. And while driving hunched over in a freezing car, peering through a teeny thawed square in her window, she ran into a 3 foot boulder in the median thing on the way out of the school parking lot. Her car flew up in the air and it's totally messed up. She's fine, a bit of whiplash, but she's fine. She's at least able to find the funny in all of this.

She practically totaled her car in her rush to the dildo store.

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