Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just type, April. Just type.

If I don't type right now, I am going to fucking kill Layla. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Stupid, mean, vindictive, bad, evil little spawn of satan.

Layla had the best day ever. She got to go to the bouncy gym with dad and then swimming with me after her nap. She had dinner, got to take a fun bath with her sister, had a show, then was tucked lovingly into bed by both parents.

Three times now, she has taken out every piece of clothing from the dresser in her room during nap or bed time. She started to do it for the fourth time today during nap time, but I heard her and caught her in the act.

But that's not what has me about to snap. The little shit took the sheet off her bed and shredded the waterproof plastic zip cover thing that protects the mattress from her little pissing self. Destroyed it. I wanna hang her.

Maybe if I leave little bits of the plastic back there, she'll choke on it.

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