Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick AND tired.

Sick and tired of my kids being sick. Both girls have had a icky wet cough for the last few days, but Layla is bad tonight. She was running a fever and while eating dinner at 6 or so, was already telling us that it was time for her to go to bed. So I dosed her with honey and Motrin and she got in bed. She still isn't sleeping, but she sounds like shit and is a whiny mess. Mike was able to secure his former student teacher as a sub tomorrow, so she'll stay home with him. Evie has the cough, but she seems fine otherwise. I believe that she'll be going to Elba's tomorrow.

It was another long, depressing day at jury duty today. And an even longer day tomorrow. We've had little time for lunch, so I haven't been able to pump at all the last two days, and won't again tomorrow. Basically that means that I have to pump several times, along with nursing, until I go to bed to even get enough for the one 3-5 ounce bottle that Evie is spooned every day. Pumping sucks. Heh.

Last night was a crappy night. Layla was up countless times and I didn't get much sleep. I THOUGHT it would be okay since I didn't start jury duty until 10:30 and the girls and I could sleep in a bit, but that didn't work out as planned. I'm exhausted.

And Layla is yelling at me from her room if I can "come snuggle me". Gotta go.

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