Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sure hope they don't get arrested

I really hope neither of my kids ever gets arrested.

Now, sure there could be some great lessons taught and learned with a good arrest here and there, but it simply isn't worth the risk. What risk? Have you SEEN what those cops have in their cars?

I'm bombarded with studies, news articles, and anecdotal stories of the dangers of talking on the cell phone while driving. Or texting. Hell, even the dangers of handsfree systems. And with all of this information swimming around in my head while driving home today, I look over at a cop sitting next to me at a light. And what do I see? A big ass computer screen that is flashing information at him, while he peers in earnest at it.

Really? I can't be trusted to turn the dial on my am/fm radio, but this guy is given access to a full blown computer that is spitting information at him in dazzling colors?

So kids, please don't get arrested, k? Cause I've seen the movie 8 Pounds, and that shit can't be safe.


  1. Let's not talk about the unmentionables you've been known to leave on your damn steering wheel, April! I know Mike has found 'em.

  2. Oh Kert. You're asking me to go over to YOUR BLOG and start shit, ain'tchya?

    One, two, three, four. I declare a blog war!