Saturday, February 27, 2010


Layla got to see her first fireworks tonight.  It's always too late at night for it to be dark enough on the 4th so that she can see them.  Today was the kick off to our Fur Rondy.  A carnival in the middle of winter.  It's a huge pain in the ass for us because it's located right by our house and it messes up traffic for us.  AND  we have to pass the ferris wheel every time we drive anywhere and Layla wants to ride it every time we pass it.  And so she gets grumpy.

The other thing that Fur Rondy does is gets our roads super clear of snow.  The Iditarod start does the same thing.  Those snow removal slackers who half ass it the rest of the year are tasked with trucking in as much snow as they can find to lay down on the road for the dog sled races.  And since we're the closest neighborhood, they take as much snow from us as they can.  I'm pretty sure they take out about 3 feet of everyone's yards on either side of the road in addition to gutting the roads down taking off the first level of pavement.  I don't remember our roads being nearly this wide in the summer, and the skid marks of topsoil left lining the streets is a sure sign that yards have been compromised.

Anyway, no real point to this, other than to shatter any romantic images you may hold of a snowy and rugged start to the Iditarod.  When you see it on TV, just remember that you're looking at my yard.

The night didn't end well.  Evie was overtired and hungry when I got home from taking them grocery shopping and firework watching.  And while I was trying to unload and put away groceries at the same time feeding my kids some foul smelling microwaveable pasta concoction, she was making us all miserable.  And as I reached my limit, I changed her diaper, got her PJs on, set her on the ground and chucked her pacifier at her.

Stupid, grumpy baby.

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  1. Wish I could send Bruce for a visit. He's grumpy,too. Uncle Bruce and Evie could entertain one another.