Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tough day

It's been a difficult day of parenting.  Heck, it's been a tough weekend.

Evie's had a bug up her ass for a couple of days now.  I'm sure she's cutting some teeth, or a tail to match her horns.  Either way, she's super high maintenance with a dose of asshole.

Layla has been remarkable good, except for the last 4 hours.  She didn't nap today, so when she hit the wall, she hit it hard.

It's exhausting having to try and keep your sanity.  I can't tell you how much I want to reach across the table and flick Evie every time she looks you dead in the eye and throws her food off her tray.  Or the restraint it took for me to not throttle Layla when I look over and see her stomping, hard and repeatedly, on Evie's hand.


  1. Thanks for writing the true feelings that we have as parents. I read this blog entry to my husband last night, told him I completely understand how you feel, and said THAT is why I don't get more done when I'm home all day with the kids. Because lately it takes enormous amounts of energy to keep them all alive and healthy. Because it just wouldn't be right to send a bratty 3 yr old to her room for the entire day, right?

  2. As long as you chuck some food in there a few times that day, it may not only be right, but necessary.