Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've been abandoned

Evie has ditched me.  She's moved on to bigger and better things.  She spent her first night away from me last night.  The whole night.  That's right.  The entire night spent in her crib.  In HER room.

For a while now I've been putting her down in the crib and then when she wakes up to nurse, bringing her into our bed to nurse and simply falling back asleep while there.  Last night I was a little bit more awake than usual after having to listen to Layla cough all night.  When I went in to the room I decided to just nurse her in there and see how she was at that point.  After nursing a few minutes, she was sleepy and peaceful and when I laid her back down in the crib?  She rolled right over, hugged her pillow and closed her eyes.

I walked into my girls' room this morning to wake them up.  Together.  For the first time ever, and it was a beautiful moment.  Sad, but beautiful.  I'm so proud of her, er, me.  Whatever.

On a lighter note, Mike bought two wind up toys for the bathtub.  One is a seal and one is a beaver.  Bad, bad choice.  Now our bath times are filled with

"Make sure you ask before you just grab her beaver".

Or play with her beaver.  Any number of seemingly innocuous phrases that are simply fabulous.  A little dose of funny to brighten our days.

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