Monday, February 22, 2010

Home sick

Today sucked.  Both girls and I are all sick.  It's hard enough caring for your sick kids while your well, but to do it while you're also sick is torture.  It would have been fine if Layla would have cooperated and watched shows all day.  But nooooooooo, she needed to be played with and entertained.  At one point she had lured the dog back into her bedroom and shut the door.  After 30 minutes, I still wasn't willing to go back to see if the dog was still alive because at least she was out of my face.

And just at the breaking point, shortly after feeding my kids leftover chicken pasta from I don't know when, the stars aligned and they both went down for a nap.  At the same time.  And we all got to nap.

I just happened to be covered with snot drying all over me from three different DNA profiles, but I slept. 

And the dog cried in relief while huddled in the corner. 

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