Friday, February 5, 2010

No skin graft!

Oh happy day.  Layla does not need a graft done.  The burn looks awesome and is healing on it's own.  We are going to have to do some physical therapy on her hand and elbow to make sure that the new skin doesn't scar too tightly and cause problems later, but that's no big deal.

She was amazing AGAIN.  As we were driving to the doctor's office, she recognized the intersection and asked if we were going to the doctor.  When I told her that we were, she started talking about how brave she was going to be and how she could tell her friends about it.  Her good mood and optimism lasted until they called us back.  Then she got a weepy. 

But all in all, it was a great appointment.  No pain.  No scary procedures.  And another round of thank yous when it was over, quickly followed by a happy meal. 

I feel like I can finally breath.  Thank you EVERYONE for your positive thoughts, dances around trees while naked, slaughtering of innocent animals, and any prayers that went out.  I appreciate it all, from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Wait. I could have slaughtered animals in her honor? And here I was just doing it for funsies.
    So glad she is recovering so well and fast! You have an amazingly brave little warrior on your hands. That's totally a reflection of her amazing mama. -KelMB

  2. Thank GODDESS and all sea horses for this happy bit of news. Big happy news. We're hugely relieved. Have some wine, hug our niece. Love you much!

  3. Layla is definitely a brave girl!!!!
    how proud of her are you for being such a trooper?!!!
    she gets all of that from you and mike!!! whether you know it or not.

    and i'm on my way out the door to do a naked tree dance in praise that she doesn't have to get a skin graft!

    - Ashley (because i know you want to picture me naked tree dancing)