Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That couldn't have been more traumatic

My little warrior made good on her reputation.

I knew this appointment wouldn't be easy.  I just didn't realize how difficult it really would be.  When we arrived at the peds office they put us in one of their regular rooms, and we were off to a good start.  She let the nurse do her weight and take her measurements.  We spent some time reading.  And then the nurse said "oh, we should move down to the treatment room so that we have access to the gauze".  As we started to leave the safe confines of kitty themed cute room, Layla's 6th sense started to kick in.

"I wanna go home now".

Upon entering the treatment room, she had already started backing up and saying no.  I was able to lure her in with the promise to read the sparkly numbers book that we had brought from the nice room.  The nurse started to approach her while she was sitting on my lap and told her that she was going to unwrap her bandage.

Oh, poor, stupid, unsuspecting nurse.  You just dinged the bell for round one and you didn't even know it.  Now, I'm pretty sure that Layla growled at this woman, but whatever the noise was, it was primal.  And it was enough to get the nurse say "maybe mom can help me with this one" as she took a step back.

I was able to get the wrapping off and the nurse left the room.  Not long after, the nurse that we had on Sunday came in and said that so and so thought it would be a good idea for her to try and work with Layla.  The facial recognition deficit that I can suffer from is certainly NOT an issue for my kid.  She started to panic and whine the second that she saw the nurse.  But, together we were able to get her burst blister irrigated with the bleach water again and she left to get the doctor.

The doc came in and just the act of him walking in got a good enough response from her that he told the nurse to go get another nurse.  And it took four people to hold my little feral child down.  And there I sat, face to face with my kid, screaming like she was being murdered, while I helped hold her down for the doctor to trim the dead skin that had been the hood of the blister.   Scream.  That's an understatement.    But she made it through and after she was securely bandaged back up, she thanked everyone.

There is no sign of infection, and all of her burns seem to be healing well.  We will go back in on Friday to make sure that it's growing new skin and that the second degree burn isn't really a third degree, and doesn't require a skin graft.  If you're the praying sort, please send a shout out to the big dog for us to not need this.  Thanks.

When this is all said and done, we're going to bring her back into the peds office sometime next week and have them do nothing more than give her a cool gift.  Cause we have a lot of years ahead of us with this ped and doctors in general, and we don't need her forever
traumatized so that going to see the doc isn't always a battle.


  1. oh April, I hope you know that I have been thinking of you and Layla and sending you all sorts of good energy and such. xo

  2. Poor Layla and poor you. I'm already dreading going back to have M's stitches removed next week. She's going to freak.
    I like the idea of having the dr give her a toy or something. might have to try to work that one out!

  3. I remember those appointments all to well. My DF wouldn't go with me. My son would scream too much. He had two surgeries, biobrain and a skin graft. Lots of metaform and burn gels. *HUGS* It does get easier. I promise.