Monday, February 1, 2010

Who thanks their parents while they're hurting them?

My kid, apparently.

Layla has been a trooper through this whole thing.  She had a rough night last night.  Mike was up with her until midnight, and then I took the next shift until about 3:30, when she finally fell asleep.  Mike stayed home with her today, and she was able to sleep until about 11.  I'm very grateful that she has been able to sleep during these first few painful days.  The blister on her left arm got VERY large.  She has a few very small blisters on her right hand, in the webbing of her fingers, but the rest of the damage seems to be redness in some areas, and dark spots on others.

She managed to keep her blister intact for about 33 hours.  Tonight while laying in bed trying to go to sleep she started yelling about it itching.  Mike went back and called for me.  The bandage was pushed down and she had burst the blister.  And she was hurting.  And she was scared.  While Mike grabbed her up, I got the bleach water, syringe, medicine and clean gauze ready.  And I braced myself for the worst.

And she yelled a bit.  And you could tell that it hurt, but she recovered extremely quickly, and while still sobbing and being bandaged stated "TANK YOU mama and daddy for feeling it all better".  I think she sits around thinking of ways to break my heart.  Although, this is the kid who used to thank me after changing her diaper, so perhaps she is just that polite.

Our appointment with her doctor tomorrow just got a whole lot easier.  They were going to have to lance it, clean it, then trim the skin.  At least the lancing part is done.  Don't get me wrong, it's still going to suck sweaty donkey balls because she is NOT going to be happy about it being irrigated and trimmed.  But at least it won't be pain that equals the initial burn.

My brave little warrior.

Oh, and the area looks very clean, by the way.  Not much redness at all, and nothing that has spread past the initial burn, so it looks like we may make it through this without an added infection.

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  1. My heart is breaking for Layla - and you.
    Hugs to both of you!