Monday, March 15, 2010

Little broken birthday heart

My kid turned 3 today.

We managed to pull off a pretty cool day yesterday for her.  We were thrifty enough to only want to buy one cake, so we planned to do our little thing at home so that she could take the leftovers to daycare today. She opened her gifts and loved most of them.  And later we brought out her Scooby cake and blew her mind.  It was a good day, and it put her on the path to expecting multiple day birthday celebrations.

With car loaded down with enough Scooby covered shit to line the streets of my hometown, I gleefully handed over my 9 consecutive day parented children over to Elba.  And smiled all the way up the hill to work.  I had to collect photographic proof of my love proudly displayed in gaudy Scooby gear, so I went down for the "party".

Layla was having fun, in her own awkward, fingernail chewing when nervous way.  She ate cake, she enjoyed the party favor bag of crap that I pulled together for everyone, and she ate some more cake.  Just when things started to wind down,  Elba pulled out the pinata.  And my little girls eyes filled with wonder and her face broke out into the biggest, truest smile that I've ever seen.  Obviously drunk on glee, she forgot her awkward act and began to clap and dance around.  The joy began to wane when she watched it being hoisted up into the air.  Confusion set in when everyone was instructed to grab a few of the strings attached to the bottom.  And utter horror took over when we counted to three and she watched her beloved Scooby head destroyed and cheap candy and toys fell out of his neck.

Perhaps I should have explained in detail how pinatas work.  We can chalk this one up to therapy sessions 234-293.

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  1. Aww I almost cried reading that last part, sweet innocent little Layla : )