Saturday, March 13, 2010


Oh hell yeah, I found a place that still has the Scooby theme for cakes.  Sadly I thought my kid was dumber than she actually is, so I placed the order right in front of her.  Perhaps not a good move because now she's running around talking about her Scooby cake.  Stupid, big eared eavesdropping kid.

Oh my god, I had so much more to blog, but we're watching the Arrested Development series that someone loaned us and it's funny as hell.  Like, I can't focus on this, funny.

So, whatever.  Tomorrow is Layla's big sugar rush day here at our house.  The following day will be the party with leftover butchered Scooby at daycare.  I did get her a woven flower head wreath as her birthday "hat".  I hope she likes it.  If I have to look at another shot of her wearing a cheesy Dora hat, I'm gonna puke.

Three years ago today I was a week overdue and willing to do anything to get that fat ass baby out of me.  Sadly "anything" included awkward 10 months pregnant with a ten pounder sex.  And it was horrible.  But it worked.  Not long after I went into labor with Layla.

And the rest is history?

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