Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh yeah. THAT'S why I like my daily walks.

I've been walking again and trying to get into some kind of consistent routine.  Tonight after dinner, while Mike was preparing to do battle with the girls in the tub, I left.

And I found myself smiling as I walked away from prime parenting fiasco hour to have a little me time.  When I got home I was all relaxed and de-stressed enough to laugh freely when Layla told me that she was melting and that when she did melt, we would need to get a new Layla.

I wasn't the least bit rattled when Evie needed to be put down RIGHTTHISSECOND to avoid having her head start to spin circles on her little scrawny neck.  Heck, I even enjoyed reading 'I Ain't Gonna Paint No More' for the millionth time.  All because I got a walk.

It even allowed me to forget that I dropped well over $100 on party decorations for the girls' birthdays and their parties at Elba's.  Stupid kids and their stupid holidays.


  1. I want to go for a walk riiiiight about NOW!

  2. I've bookmarked you. Yeah, I'm a stalker!