Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonder kid

I'm so proud of Evie.  She is, more often than not, sleeping through the night in her crib.  I still nurse and rock her to sleep every night, mostly because I cherish that time cuddling with her.  Or it could be that it's my away time from the beast and I get to watch a show of my choice that I've DVR'ed in our bedroom.  I'm thinking it has more to do with the later than the former.

It's interesting to me to watch Layla during this transition.  She is nothing but respectful of Evie when she is sleeping.  She goes to bed fairly quietly and when she does need us, she tried to get our attention as quietly as she can.  I did find her in the crib with her during nap time once, but that was the only time.  And she wasn't even trying to smother her as one would imagine, she was just hanging with her.

It is like a bad DJ battle with both of them hitting their aquarium music player things and trying to scratch out a unique sound to outdo the other.  And the hippie sheep that Mike bought for Evie that plays a heartbeat sound only adds a good beat for which to draw their inspiration.  Now, if they start a breakin' war back there, I may have to get rid of the creepy beat boxes.

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