Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best day EVER.

My husband has never been sexier to me.  Mike reciprocated the whole birthday weekend extravaganza for me.

I got to sleep in on my non-sleep in day.  I woke up and he was getting them ready to go to the zoo.  Alone time in my house.  What a ridiculous thing that people take for granted.  I will never again.  I didn't clean.  I  watched a show that I can't watch when the kids are up.  I mean, I could, but it's about serial killer and it's probably not the best choice as a parent.

Two blissful hours.  And when they got home, they brought me a Bonsai tree.  It's going to suck to kill that one, cause it really is beautiful.

And then I went out for a few hours alone.

I walked in on Mike getting Layla dressed before taking them to the zoo and he was wearing his jeans and just his undershirt.  And as he sat there putting on her shoes and his tattoos that are done to honor his kids, taking them out of the house and being a great dad and husband, he looked sexy as hell.  So I told him and he said that I'm just delusional from knowing that I'm going to have the house to myself.  Ding ding!  Duh.  And if more men realized this, they would find themselves getting ass on a much more regular basis.

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