Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken Bagina

Layla's pediatrician called yesterday and wanted to get her started on another antibiotic until she sees a specialist to make sure that the infection doesn't spread to her kidneys to do permanent damage.  That stupid kid damn near skipped into the doctor's office, even though she has had more than her fair share of traumatic incidents there.  I love her ped.  LOVE him.  He always makes me feel so much better and is so super mellow about stuff.  Here's what we're thinking.  There is more than likely something structurally wrong with Layla's parts and pieces.  There are sphincters (say what. What?) between the bladder and urethra or something like that.  And he said that it's relatively common for little girls to have them not work properly.  It allows urine to flow backwards and hang out in the tube where it shouldn't.  Hence the chronic re-current infections.  They generally treat with an antibiotic for 6 months OR LONGER and that this issue generally corrects itself.  We have an appointment later this month with the specialist who will do an ultrasound and some other more invasive test with her to make sure that this is indeed what the problem is, and to make sure that it hasn't caused any big time kidney damage at this point.

However, she has probably had this issue for longer than we realized.  She had her first bout of itchy crotch a year/year and a half ago, she has chronic loose stools and frequent tummy aches.  So my kid?  The one that I frequently call an asshole in my head?  May, in fact, be an asshole because she hasn't felt good.  Great.  Just fucking great.  Like I needed any more mommy guilt. 

The other night she was mad at Mike for something.  As she sat on my lap answering my questions about her day, Mike asked a question. 

"I'm talking to MAMA" said the child with a horrible scowl on her face. 

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  1. If it makes you feel any better I call my kid an asshole in my head all the time and he doesn't have a bagina.