Sunday, April 4, 2010


Another holiday.  By god, I'm gonna get this one right.

Okay, if you read that with a straight face, you are clearly new to my world.  Elba sent the girls home with a ton of candy in those ugly plastic eggs, so we certainly don't need any more sugar up in here.  But what the hell do you stick in Easter baskets, if not marshmallow peeps and cadberry yummy eggs?

Uh huh, not so easy, right?  Bubbles, bouncy globe balls, kalidescopes, and?  Socks?  Even I can't bring myself to go there.  I was going to get a movie, but Layla is so damn picky on what she'll watch, spending $15 on the Princess and the Frog just didn't seem worth it.  I was going to do a book for each, but the used book store was a little light on the choices.  Sunglasses?  Great idea, but $18 per pair?!  I think not.  More cheap ass stuffed animals to take up space and cry from neglect because nobody will play with you?  No thank you.

Mike made me get dye to color some eggs because that's apparently what we're supposed to do.  Color and waste eggs?  Check.  Give a crappy basket of shit that I'll be throwing away in a week?  Check.  Leave little jelly beans in the toilet and tell them the Easter bunny stopped to take a dump?  Check.  Leave family and go to a movie for some alone time?  Oh hell yes.


  1. At least you didn't lose your kid in Totem Park this morning. I coulda believed she was abducted by aliens. Anyway - all is well and she was found. Now she's checking out toilets for jelly beans. Thanks, Auntie April.

  2. You can't pull the "I lost my kid in the forest". I was hoping to use that one.

    Glad she was found. Did she know she was lost? My dad lost me in the woods once. Must be a rite of passage.