Monday, April 5, 2010


It was as though the universe heard me call my kid a thug and insisted on giving her a scar to help complete the persona. 

Yesterday didn't go anything like what I had planned.  Layla was having a rough one from the start, and we were trying to cut out her nap to see if we can get her in bed earlier so that mornings aren't WWIII.  Of course that meant entertaining her for an additional 2 hours of the day.  She hadn't done anything on Saturday, so I knew that she needed to get out of the house.  My plans to go to a movie by myself gave way to taking her out to "old McDonald's", as she calls it, to eat and have some play time.  That plan was foiled when we got there and realized that I chose one that didn't have a play land.  Well, at least she got a cool toy from the happy meal.

Next stop, shopping.  Except the place that I wanted to go was closed.  Strike two.  Bouncy gym?  Yep, apparently lots of people celebrate this whole Easter thing by not working.  Onto the zoo.  Thank god that one was open.  After sprinting through the first 3/4 of the trails, she insisted on being carried the rest of the way.  My bad back and the steep, rocky trails of our zoo made this a downright miserable experience.  When we got to the car, she crashed.  She literally fell asleep with a bite of chicken nugget still lingering in her mouth.  So much for no nap. 

Later while she was carrying a big flat wood board with rounded corners across the living room, she fell.  And that sucker got her about an inch from her left eye.  And it got her good.  The scratch isn't all that deep, but it's big, bled some and is certainly bright red, and will bruise.  So today she was sent to Elba's with a big Scooby band aide under her left eye and none of us are brave enough to look at it.  Good thing I just spent $20 on scar removal cream.  Looks like we'll get good use out of it.

It doesn't help that Evie has a matching scratch in the same spot from where she scratched herself with her fingernail.  I'm waiting for child protective services to visit any day now.

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