Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He was a jerk

Yep, he sucked.  The urologist was totally dry and not good with kids.  His nurse was even worse.  He made Layla cry by grabbing at the book she was holding up to show him because the page was ripped and telling her to be careful.  She thought he was blaming her for ripping it and she clammed up.  Whatever.

Seems like we may have some good news.  And gross news.  He doesn't think that there is anything structurally wrong with her.  Just to be sure there is no kidney damage, we get an ultrasound next week.  They had her pee and then checked her bladder with a magic device that made sure that she was emptying it completely.  She is.  Then came the physical exam.  And low and behold.

Crotch rot.  Okay, not really, but it was gross.  I've always been shown to check her for cleanliness by opening her labia.  He had her keep her legs together and lift her feet, legs straight, up into the air and we looked from that angle.  And right around her vaginal opening there was "gunk".  She has always had irrigation issues and we've had to watch for accumulation, but never THERE and never at that angle. 

It looks like it's an issue with infections developing from this localized overgrowth of shit.  So we were given some estrogen cream to use on her, told to make her use the toilet facing backwards so that she is as open as she can get, use a wipe on her and make sure that she stays clean and dry.

And hopefully this is it.  He'll see her again in 3 weeks and we hope that by following this regimen, the infections will stop.  Cross your fingers.  And not your labia.  Or you, too, could be your very own petri dish.


  1. It sounds like the legs up position was similar to when you change a diaper with the child laying on her back? We've found we have to check in that position every couple of days or things can get pretty nasty. And after the rare poopy pull-up, I'm amazed by how much stuff can be hiding in there when it seems like it's clean from other angles.

  2. Yep, that's the one.

    I'm pretty sure if we had let it go any longer, she would have started sprouting shit from the yuck.