Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well, we may have discovered the trigger for Layla's miserable attitude at times.  Mostly the smart mouth and bratty, random and hurtful things that she likes to say.  "You not coming to MY house", "You can't play with MY spiderman", stuff like that.

Apparently there is an older boy, maybe 4, that is there at times and not particularly nice.  I know him by the fact that he is always bouncing off the furniture when I get there and he happens to be there.  Anyway, I guess he's a jerk.  Layla tends to try and keep her distance and play with the nice kids, but he is kinda everywhere.  I guess this is her trying to work through her first life lesson on dealing with mean kids.

So far she is losing this battle.  Not only is this little jerk being mean to her at daycare, but the bastard is making us suffer at home while she spews his ugly words right back to us with vigor and venom.

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