Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Group time outs

The communal time outs have begun.  Too many little fists flying and determining who actually started what is damn near impossible.  Plus, at some point, does it even matter.  Neither appears to be willing to go down without swinging and fighting the good fight.

Mike caught the action and put each on their separate wall for their time out.  Evie was furious and screamed the whole time.  Layla was oddly calm and accepting of the situation.  I think it's the first time that she saw a punishment as fair and was cool with that.

The lesson didn't last long, as they were back to boxing in the double wide stroller while on our walk, but it's a step in the right direction.

On another note, the sun is back and the three of us are all getting a little darker.  Mine seems to be more freckles than anything.  Meh, such is the plight of the pasty white Norwegian Alaskan.

When I picked the girls up from Elba's today, I went into the backyard and had a chance to observe Layla playing with her friends.  And there she sat, huddled in a group with 4 or 5 little boys and ALL of them were giving their theories on where the bug they were watching was headed.  That's right.  My Layla was in a full on dialogue with her peers and wasn't timid, quiet, or shy.  She was hangin' with her friends.  And my heart swelled.

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