Monday, May 3, 2010

Stop fighting

They fight all the time.  All. The. Time.  I'm giving Evie about 2 more months of being a little thug to her sister, cause I've had to watch Layla work her over for a year now.

But it's getting old.  They're all over each other.  Evie goes gunning for her.  Layla body blocks and puts herself in a position that she knows is going to taunt Evie and piss her off.  I feel like we've already started the whole "don't make me pull this car over" already.  Layla spends much of our travel time yelling at Layla to stop dancing, or laughing, or asking for food.  I can hear them slap fighting back there, but generally just turn the music up.



  1. We should have planned it a little better so that Layla could have driven back to WI with me, Bruce and Rie! Can you imagine those two little girls in the back of the Subaru and tenting along the way? Awesome fun that would be! :)

  2. You're a much better than I if this is your definition of awesome fun.