Monday, May 24, 2010

Paper cut

Layla got her first paper cut today.  We all know how much paper cuts hurt, but nothing makes the level of pain more obvious than during an unfiltered display by a 3 year old.  Good lord, you would have thought her mother poached her with boiling water again.  Which, by the way, she has been reminiscing about at odd times.  "Mama, remember when the mac and cheese jumped up and burned me? I was sad."

Gah, you're killing me.

Anyway, the paper cut illicit quite the display and she was thrown into a pathetic reminder of just how not tough she can be at times when she got it wet, or sauerkraut juice in it.  Yeah, I would imagine that one would hurt.

As a side, Evie has chosen a clear and obvious favorite, and it ain't me.  Don't get me wrong, she gets stoked to see me, but it's more my boobs than anything at this point.  But lord have mercy, let her daddy walk into the room and she damn near sings his name.

And can someone please tell me how I ended up with two kids with smallish feet?  Layla's are small and fat.  Evie's are small and narrow.  What that means is that all of Layla's expensive hand me down shoes are not going to fit crow foot Evie.  Shit man, shoes are expensive.  And ugly.  And usually pink.  You can picture me seething while purchasing a ridiculously spendy pair of horrid pink shoes today.  If it weren't for this damn trip home, she'd be rocking the fur lined boots this summer until her little ass finally got skilled enough to walk on her own.  All the time.

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  1. I hear you. I generally don't rock used shoes, but friends with older girls have been a godsend. I refuse to buy the pink-and-white, Dora/Disney princess-emblazoned shoes, but the kid must have foot coverings! LOL I pick and choose through what I get, and generally end up with shoes I can live with (if not necessarily shoes I would have picked).