Sunday, May 23, 2010

Evie's on a diet

I wish that someone could explain to me how a 14 month old can take the time to chew up and appear to enjoy her food, and then half the time, turn around a spit out the chewed up food.  The only conclusion that I can come to is that it's her form of a diet.  It sure is messy and annoying though.

We had a rough night last night.  Evie was up screaming until 2.  Then the little devils tried to get up at 7.  So from 7 to 9:30 I slept crammed in Layla's little bed.  Her little bed with a youngster who likes to sleep nose to nose with her mama and has crazy foul breath.  Meh, but my ability to withstand horrible breath earned me 2.5 additional hours of sleep.  Uncomfortable sleep.  Broken sleep.  Smelly sleep.  But some sleep, none the less.

It was a good day.  I took the girls to the weekend market to walk around and do some shopping while soaking up some much needed vitamin D.  Then on to Target and Kohls.  Kohls ended horribly, with my 3 year old losing her damn mind in the middle of the store and me having to "escort" her out mid tantrum.  I hate tantrums in stores.  You always end up leaving early and never get what you came for.  I don't mind the funny looks from non parents and people who fancy themselves super parents, but trying to wrestle an insane toddler mid tantrum while trying to keep her little sister from pulling her hair the whole time is easier said than done.

After naps were completed and time with daddy fulfilled, we had a nice walk.  Bedtime went alright, basically because it wasn't my night to give the girls a bath.  And now we're watching LOST.

I've lost track of time and I'm not freaking out that it's almost midnight.

Summer is here.

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