Sunday, May 30, 2010


Whoa, did Layla ever just get a spanking.

She has been told repeatedly that if she throws things into Evie's crib, she will get a spanking.  This, after we discovered Evie covered with layer upon layer of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.  We have been VERY clear on this.  And very emphatic.  It's simply not safe.

Today when I laid the girls down for a nap, they were back there growling at each other and having a grand old time.  It had started to get a little quiet when I hear the true scream of someone in pain.  When I got to the room, Evie was sitting in her crib surrounded by toys, huge chunks of paint chips that Layla had pulled out of the window, and a piggy bank that I'm certain was the cause for the piercing scream as it clonked her on the head.

Over my knee Layla went, pants pulled down, and a good solid whack.  We talked and processed and all that jazz, followed by a good snuggle, but I did.  I lit her ass up.

And left her with "if you do it again, you're getting spanked again.  Good night".

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  1. Good on you, Mama! There is nothing wrong with the occasional spanking.