Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our first pony ride

I have a love/hate relationship with horses.  I think that they are phenomenally smart and kind animals, for the most part, and I think they're gorgeous.  But I was also kicked in the face by one when I was a kid.  Yeah, yeah.  Save your "so that explains it" and other witty attempts at something clever.  I've heard them all before.  And yes, it may indeed BE what explains "it".  Or it could be any other number of head injuries and near death experiences that I've enjoyed.

Well, today we took Layla for her first pony ride.  And she was fearless and brave and she loved it.  Not giggling and laughing loved it, but was totally into just relaxing and enjoying the ride.  We even gave her a second go, although it cost her lunch out because mom and dad spent that money on her extra horse ride.  But she agreed that it was worth it.

I took 192 pictures to get a handful of decent shots.  None of which show my reserved little oddball smiling.  None.  There's one with a little half smile, but I think it was just capturing her mid sneeze.

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