Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer vacation.

We survived the first day.

It actually went really well.  Mike took Layla to the movies earlier and I got hang out with Evie for some quality 1:1 time.  I went to a movie during nap time and then came back to take them off Mike's hands.  We went to Target and then Applebees to hang out for a bit.  It's 9 and Evie is just going down and Layla is watching Scooby.  We both are crossing our fingers that they start to sleep in later and later.  Mike was up with them at just before 7 this morning.  I'd love to see anywhere between 8 and 9.  That would be awesome.

But now I'm sleepy.  I may just be curled up in bed watching a show before Mike gets Layla down.

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