Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Driving me up the wall


My children are using some cheap ass McDonalds toy cars and driving them up and down the wall.  They WERE doing it on the wall near where Mike is sleeping, so I moved them away from that.

Now all I hear is the plastic to wall grind *smash* grind *AAAHHHHHH, EVIE, NO!* grind grind grind.

And it's driving me mad.

Please lose interest soon.  Please, please, please.

Forget it, I'm taking them away, this is driving me insane.


  1. I'm hoping to find some cool noisemakers for my little nieces while on the road to Lovely, Wisconsin. The most aggravating kind. The kind they will want to play with on the flight home.

    We should get tattoos next week!

  2. Okay, you get Mike's name tattooed on your ass, and I'll get your name on my right earlobe.

  3. Tit for tat - you end up with your brother's name on yours. tee hee.