Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm like a deer trapped in headlights.  I had a great blog all laid out about the oil spill, global responsibility, and my fears and hopes for the environmental future of my children.  And then, frankly, I decided that this would only go badly and wouldn't result in anything the least bit funny.

Not that funny is always my goal, but it seems to be more appreciated than preachy and political April.  I'm working the angle of Zen master for my trip home and family gatherings with bonafide teabaggers and oddly religious yet hella judgemental relatives.  Not all.  Not even most.  But there will be a few, and it will be interesting.  So interesting, in fact, that my own mother contemplated calling the "reunion" portion of the visit off to avoid too much conflict or uncomfortableness.

Hi.  My name is April, and I'm a philosophically socialistic pagan from Alaska.

But being born and bred in Wisconsin to avoid conflict, and living in Alaska with really right wingers for long enough, has prepared me to handle "slight" differences of opinion relatively well.  And hell, if relatives can't have a civil conversation about their different opinions, than what hope is there.

Nevermind.  I'll be huddled in the corner with my brother and sister/friend praying to the tree fairies.

We'll be fine.  Ma, we'll be fine.

I can't WAIT for the blogs from this visit.


  1. We'll all "be fine". We'll all be all the better for it, as well. The only regret I have is that Mike T. won't be there. If I'm facing the entire Christianson clan, then damnit, Mike should be there as well. Can the tree fairies cough up a mileage ticket?

  2. P.S. I'll only be answering to the name, Silver Moon Tree. What will your pagan incognito name be?

  3. Mike's working summer school, so even a mileage plan does us no good.

    You may call me Orange Raven Oak