Thursday, July 22, 2010

Be still with nature

This is a phrase that I use often with the girls when we are doing outdoorsy stuff.  Be still with nature, and respectful of the earth and animals.  It's a broken record, and it causes some odd looks from strangers when they hear Layla reciting it.

Tonight on our bike ride we stopped to look at some ducks and we were having a similar conversation.  Anchorage is a big city and spilling over with tourists this time of year.  It just so happened that at the spot we stopped to look at ducks, it was a smelly slough.  But that didn't stop two "lovebirds" from snuggling in the foul stench because they didn't take the time to walk 1/2 mile to a truly beautiful site, open water, and rose lined coast.  But whatever, smelly slough was 50 feet from the parking lot.  Logical choice.

To top off the quaint little scene, out of the bushes came a stumbling drunk person.

"What's wrong with that person, mama?"

Look at the ducks, Layla.  Look at the ducks.

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