Thursday, July 8, 2010

Case study

There are times that I watch my kids and feel like I'm doing some kind of sociology experiment or psychology test with my very own little lab rats.

Today I realized that over the last couple of weeks, Layla has been thanking me, unprompted, for things that we did several hours earlier, or even the previous day.  Simultaneously, she has also started apologizing for things out of the blue, but had clearly been weighing on her mind.

"Mama, TANK you for taking me to the bouncy gym with Evie today.  I had so much fun".
  Said several hours after leaving the bouncy gym.

"I'm sorry for telling you that you can't come to my house and other mean things this morning".

It's a rather cool shift that she's making, but also a little terrifying.  Along with this memory and recall/correlation thing she has going on, comes detailed recollection of things that I don't necessary want her to repeat to dad.  You know, like going shopping at a certain store.  Or eating at McDonald's for lunch.  Or running around "butt booty nekid" in the yard at Grandma C's house.  Some things are better left forgotten.

You can almost see her brain cells activating and multiplying.  And it's unnerving.

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