Friday, July 9, 2010

End Avalanche Area

Anyone who has driving in or around mountainous areas are familiar with two signs.

The first is End Avalanche Area.  It's always a relief to get to that sign, but equally unsettling because there is NEVER a Begin Avalanche Area sign to mark the start.

The second sign that you would also be familiar with is Watch for Falling Rocks.  Or some variation of this.  Although  it rarely tells you for how long, or when you can stop watching for falling rocks.  Just simply, to watch for falling rocks.

I was pondering these two signs as I was driving with the girls today.  The way I figure, parenting is much like these two signs.  From the moment you conceive until the day you die, your life is consumed with worry and fear over all of the what ifs out there.  All of the "falling rocks", if you will.

Your baby is a little delayed
Your kid seems to be the glue eater in the class
No, there is no way it was MY kid who hit your kid over the head with the blunt end of an axe and pulled them in the shrubs to hide them, because they were certain they killed them
Ma'am, your kid was just busted drinking at this party

You know, the run of the mill parenting shit that most of us go through or fear going through on a day to day basis.

Which leads me to the second sign.  While you're dodging all the falling rocks, BAM! out of nowhere you get hit with the avalanches.

Your kid gets hit in the head with a horseshoe and needs brain surgery
You lose your job and house and scramble to keep some sense of normalcy through the chaos
The little angel gets hooked on drugs, or begins to self mutilate, or decides to attempt suicide

Or any other number of avalanches that will run through your life.  You'll never get a warning that they're coming, but that End Avalanche Zone sign is always a shinning ray of hope as you're coming out of the crisis.

I kinda thought that I would have something insightful or clever to round this rambling off with, but I don't.  Nothing clever, I'm too tired.

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