Monday, July 5, 2010

Die sperm, die.

We have 8 more "sessions" before Mike's vasectomy wins and all the sperm are supposed to be gone.  8 more times for a horrible accident to happen and his armor wearing sperm could demolish the IUD and the world would stop when I got knocked up.  That would be beyond horrible.

It's a little weird to think that our reproductive years are going to be behind us and I don't have to worry about birth control anymore.  I have been on birth control for nearly 17 years while not pregnant or trying to get pregnant.  And I'm done.  DONE.  I wonder if my body even knows what to do anymore.

With my luck, there is a little demon sperm in there treading water until all his buddies are gone.  Then he's going to dig his fingernails in until I am clear of my IUD.  Be gone, demons.  Be gone!

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