Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doctors, doctors, doctors

We had a day full of doctors.  I loaded the girls up to go to the high class walk in clinic in the nice part of town because I've been feeling shitty the last few days.  Classic UTI crap, and sure enough.  UTI.  No shit.    But the nimrod at the swanky ghetto clinic decided to test me.

Doc: So you're still nursing this one (pointing to Evie)?

Me: Yep

Doc:  When do you plan on stopping?

Me: When she's done

Doc: There's studies that show that breastmilk is only useful for the first 6 months

Me: That's funny.  The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization are supporting nursing for at least 2 years.

Doc: Er, well...

Me:  Are you suggesting that my breastfeeding has anything to do with getting UTIs?

Doc: Um, no

Me: Well then, let's just go ahead and stick to hopefully something you are educated on and please fax the prescription to X pharmacy.

Stupid mother fucker.  Seriously why do people feel the need to give their opinions at all, let alone those who try and push it off as medical advice?

Next stop?  The pediatrician so that Evie could get 2 shots, cause we are behind even the delayed schedule that I intentionally follow.  The nurse came in with a big long list of shots that she is "due" for.  I told her that before I pushed pause on my parenting, we were, in fact, following a schedule.  So we got the two that I went in for and not the 7 that are due.  We'll do another round of a shot or two at their well visits in a few weeks.  This will be Evie's first well child visit since she was like 9 months old.  She's 16 months now.  Subsequent kids, I tell ya.

Now I feel like shit from the UTI and antibiotics.  Evie feels like shit from the shots.  Mike feels like shit because he is having cluster headaches.  And Layla feels great, which stresses us all out cause she wants to PLAY!

Please go away.

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