Friday, July 2, 2010

Hippie Heaven

I'm exhausted.  Not just normal tired from having a full day with the girls, but flat spent.

We had a tough morning here getting ready to go the Forest Fair, an arts and craft thing in the middle of some trees in dirty hippieville.  The girls were crazy and super needy and whiny.  The dog would not get out from underfoot and I still get an overwhelming urge to kick her skull in every time I see her.  The drive down to the Fair consisted of Evie screaming and demanding that Layla hand her cracker after cracker.

We arrived at the Fair at the perfect time.  An hour after it started on it's first day.  It was pretty quiet and laid back and there weren't any lines for the face painting and flower wreath things for the girls.  There was a lot of walking and wrangling tired kids towards the end, but they had fun and I found a couple nice things.

They napped the 40 minute drive home.

And then they didn't nap anymore.  I tried to transfer them to their beds, but it was a no go.  Mike had plans and I bailed on them just so that I could cart the girls from store to store to keep them busy and entertained. We bought a new garbage can so that the donkey fucker can't get into it and I won't have to put it on the counter whenever I leave, cause that's just gross.  This one locks.  And doesn't stink.

And now I'm done.  Mike is on parenting overdrive and knows to keep them away from me.  He also volunteered to get up with them early tomorrow so that I can sleep in.  AND I'm going to a movie by myself.  I'm stoked.  Plus he brought home dinner.  He has 3 days off this weekend and then a week and a half left of summer school.  It can not end soon enough.


  1. Please tell me more about this amazing trash can. What is it, and how well is it working for you?

    We have a little trash picker here. He even eats stuff out of the trash. Ewwwwww.

  2. Here ya go, Anne. I LOVE it and it's totally kept Tullah out of the garbage!

  3. Well crap, you got it to keep your dog out of the trash. I need it to keep my son out of the trash. And that, my friend, is why I need to read the honest posts your blog to put it all in perspective.

  4. True. My use of donkey fucker could easily go for the dog and/or one of my kids. Depends on what day you catch me on. Check out the garbage can though, it's worked great so far and it was cheaper than I thought it would be.