Saturday, July 3, 2010

Time stamped

I have a lot of love for time codes on cameras right about now.  We have an apple TV thing.  I have no idea what it is, other than it shows our family pictures as a montage when we have it on a certain channel.  Great for the girls to watch and see family and friends and memories, not so great when your father in law has to cover his eyes every time a picture of you nursing one of the kids rolls across the screen while he's visiting.

Tonight as I watched the pictures float by, I found that Mike is right.  There are some pictures where even as parents, the girls are impossible to tell apart at roughly the same ages.  Particularly since subsequent kid was kind enough to come at the same time of year and can wear all of Layla's hand me downs.  Fortunately, there are decorating cues and other little hints that help me decide which is which, but I am growing ever more fond of the old time stamp thingy built into the cameras and embedded in the digital data on the computer.  Because some day I'm not going to remember that the brown comforter was when Layla was little and the crack head colorful one when Evie was.

I can't believe how much these stupid kids look alike, and yet so very different at other times.

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