Monday, July 12, 2010

Someone is going to have to clean that up

Another day filled with trying to keep the girls busy and engaged, while at the same time out of the house so that I don't lose my mind.  It didn't start well, though.  Layla was up really late last night.  No surprise, as I knew that she would be.  But I wasn't prepared for well after midnight.

Morning came all too soon and Evie was up earlier than I would have liked, although she slept until nearly 8.  I know that there are moms out there who would like to hit me for my kids sleeping that late.  Yes, it's awesome.  What's not awesome is that they are up really late in order to do it.  Which means little no awake time without them up.  And that's frustrating.

We took the bike down to the music on the park after packing a picnic.  It was a beautiful day for it, and the sun was shining.  I met a friend and her twins, and ran into another friend.  One of the twins is named Guy, and Layla has to call him Little Guy.  It's from the book More, More, More.  But it's still funny.  "Mama, where is Josie and that Little Guy?"

I had hoped that the bike ride home would have quieted them down enough for nap time, but no luck.  It was a freaking nightmare trying to get them down, and of course, by the time they fell asleep it was already too late for them to be taking a nap.  But I was done, and they were exhausted.

Mike saw his headache doc today after school and wasn't feeling well, so I took the girls out for dinner.  Whenever we're out in public we talk about how we don't make a mess because someone has to clean it up.  If they throw something on the floor in the grocery store, they get the lecture.  If they mess things up in the Library, they get the lecture.  And they got the lecture tonight in the restaurant.  Unfortunately, I was the one to spill tonight.  Layla looked me dead in the eye, and with a neck roll that would make Sha Na Na proud, stated:

"Ack, mama.  You KNOW someone is going to have to clean that up".

Knowing that it was going to be another late night, we went to the grocery store and I made Layla do wind sprints up and down the empty isles.  It didn't help.  It's now almost 11.  Layla just laid down, and I put Evie down about 20 minutes ago.  When I went in to say goodnight to Layla, though, Evie chucked her pacifier at me.  Apparently she was still awake.

And that little shit has an arm AND aim.

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