Saturday, July 10, 2010

You still suck at hide and seek

Layla appears to have gotten a tad better at hide and seek, but she still sucks at it.  While she was playing with Mike today, I grabbed her and put her in the shower.  This was after I had to listen to Mike tell her to go hide, her run into a room and slam the door, and giggle hysterically until Mike pretended to stumble upon her.

While placing her in the shower, I told her to be as quiet as she could, and proceeded to do this several times while mike was "looking" for her.  When he loudly asked "are you in mom and dad's room?" Only the tiniest of muffled giggles could be heard from the shower.

When he asked she was in her bedroom, I only heard a snort.

When he proclaimed that he was going to check the bathroom and asked if she was behind the door, things started to be too much for her.

"No" whispered in hush.

"Are you in the dryer?"

*giggle* "No" whispered a little louder.

"Are you in behind the stool?"

"NOOOOOOOOO" whispered in the loudest and raspiest voice that she could manage while still able to technically call it a whisper.

Progress, I guess.

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